100% natural, handmade Waldorf Dolls - 100% naturliche, handgefertigte Waldorf Puppen - 100% natuurlijke, handgemaakte vrije school poppen
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Matt - waldorf baby doll with movable limbs

Matt is a bit different from my other classic waldorf dolls in that Matt is made with movable arms and legs. That is why he is very nimble and can be easily put in all sorts of different positions, sitting, climbing, standing a little wobbly - just like a real baby )


Meet Caroline! She is energetic and positive! She loves summer. She loves to chat and make new friends. She’s a Southern girl ) Caroline is a large (15-3/4in, 40cm), classic waldorf doll...


“My name is Tien. I am a delicate girl from Vietnam, where the fields and mountains are a million shades of green. I love spring and I have wonderfully soft, free-fitting trousers and a beautiful blouse for when it gets warm. I have leather sandals that I can easily throw off when I want to...


Hello, I am Ariadne! I am a happy handmade waldorf doll, I love playing outside in the sun, though I was born in fall and love fall colors. ... I am 13-3/4 inch (35cm) long


Agnes is a classic Waldorf doll, length 35cm/ 14". She has beautiful soft, thick hair, which you can comb into different hairdo's (braids, ponytails, ,...) - and she has a whole set of clothes.


Freddy is almost a real baby and quite big: 45cm (17-1/2")! He still has some trouble sitting up, but he loves to cuddle, play and sleep in his bed!


Sara is a classic waldorf doll with which your child can play with great joy. She is 40cm (15-3/4") long and, naturally, made 100% from natural materials. She has beautiful thick hair...


Hi I am Chad! Chad is a pretty flamboyant fellow, a cute baby boy looking for a nice kid to play with! He likes to cuddle and to lay in bed a little longer, and he likes walking and talking...