100% natural, handmade Waldorf Dolls - 100% naturliche, handgefertigte Waldorf Puppen - 100% natuurlijke, handgemaakte vrije school poppen
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Doll Furniture

18 inch / 48cm Baby doll cradle

This baby doll cradle is made from beautiful thick pine and spruce wood and treated with natural oil (Auro). The bottom is made from plywood. The natural oil accentuates the wood's structure wonderfully. It fits 18 inch American dolls or waldorf dolls.

The construction is firm and made for playing. The cradle comes with adorable hand made bedding from 100% cotton and filled with natural sheep wool only. It has 2 standard types of bedding to choose from - but any large bedding from other listings fits the bed.

There is also a second variant of the bed, where the sides are painted like a butterfly.

 The mattress size is 18-8/8 x 11-3/4 inch (48 x 30cm).