100% natural, handmade Waldorf Dolls - 100% naturliche, handgefertigte Waldorf Puppen - 100% natuurlijke, handgemaakte vrije school poppen
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Dolls by Category
Dolls for toddlers

When you look at a child of this age you can often see the funny scene that he is looking at his own hands or feet and you see him thinking: Whose are these? What are these? Since the child is not yet conscious of his own body parts, it's best if the doll corresponds with the child's vision of himself and doesn't have all the body parts either ... Read More... >>


Kindergarten Dolls
A kindergarten doll is already universal doll; a kid can play with it for a long long time. They have more definite hands and legs, a more expressive face and nicer hair. You can have different clothes to them to be able to do roleplaying games ... Read More ... >>

Pre-school and school age dolls

The Classic waldorf doll is suitable for children  from 5 to 8 years. Children at this age can dress themselves, comb their own hair - and they will want to do the same with dolls. They can play with the doll as with a little brother or sister ... Read More ... >>


Other dolls...
Other dolls are often smaller, they can be great for theater games (by children or adults) or, for example, static exhibitions, like the nativity scene with Christmas ... Read More ... >>

Doll furniture
For ideal playing you can purchase your hand made doll furniture including pretty bedding. Have a look at the standard options or ask for what we can make for you ... Read More ... >>